Pa Vue blogger

In case you didn’t know, Pa is pronounced “paw” and means flower. I’m a writer, educator and storyteller. I want to help women uncover their stories and tell them in a cohesive way so they can inspire action.

I like to call myself a small town girl with big ideas. (In some circles, I'm a small girl with big ideas.)

I was born in a teeny tiny village in Nan province, Thailand. It is so small, you could literally walk from one edge of the village to the other within fifteen minutes. Then in 1990 I came to the U.S. as part of the Vietnam War refugee resettlement effort and landed in Willows, California, population under 10,000.

I grew up reading books about girls who didn’t look like me and never had the experiences I had. Because of that I grew up thinking my story didn’t matter.

It took over 20 years and a lot of reflection and writing for me to learn that my story mattered. In fact, it’s the stories we don’t hear everyday that need to be told.

So everyday I’m writing my own stories, both real life stories and fiction.

And I want to help women, especially, women of color tell their stories. Get updates on my journey by entering your information below. 


Want more? Come right this way...

I’m the oldest of seven children. I have one younger sister and five younger brothers.

The first English word I remember learning was “of course”.

Of course.

My favorite Power Ranger is--duh--Tommy the green/red/white ranger.  I’m most definitely a Ravenclaw, can usually be found comparing everything to Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, and am completely obsessed with reading young adult novels.  

In 2008, I became the first person in my family to graduate from college.  Yay! 

Then real life set in.  Nooo!

Life after college was like foraging into a dark forest that never ended--kinda like Snow White after she gets dumped by the hunter. I had no idea how to network, find a job, or be a professional. I was lost and I was scared and I didn't know where to go for help, but I kept going and somehow made it to the other side.  

I got married in 2015 to my long-time partner Alex and we have a Havanese named Toby who would be offended to be called a “lap dog” (so SSSSHHH!).  


I took a whole year to do some exploratory blogging and some major podcast-listenin’ before settling down on my strength: storytelling.

My goal is to help women tell their stories. I want to hear from people we never hear from. I want to help our community learn about experiences different from their own. If you’re ready to tell your story, get your hands on my easy-to-use storytelling worksheet.

I look forward to hearing your story!